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White Raven Associates Staff

Case Studies

Group IT function rationalisation

Integration of IT function across three companies providing 24x7 business critical data entry and transmission services to a single “Centre of excellence”.

Initial project was to review business operations within subsidiary company and prepare business case for support or termination of the current portfolio of products. Shareholder choice was for company restructure to concentrate on core business products which supported the shareholder operations directly and withdraw from other operations. Project was then expanded to a review of group-wide IT operations and the potential to achieve significant profit increase through integration across three companies within the group.

Developed business case for rationalisation

Brought together the various Stakeholders to the project.

Created project team to carry process forward.

Managed overall P&L for the project.

Developed project plan to move two data centres to the new location, whist preserving continuity of service.

Identified risks within process.

Identified and contracted suppliers to provide expert services to internal staff.

Managed overall project to successful relocation whilst maintaining service continuity

Ensured commitment of strategic alliance partners

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