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£1.6million Dti funded research and development programme in 3D image analysis for medical and industrial use.

Following withdrawal of major collaborator in the project brought together a consortium of commercial parties to provide commercial partners to 4 UK universities. Identified and secured funding source to compliment Dti funding to allow project to proceed. Took on role as overall project manger.

Developed project management plan
Managed overall project.
Managed the various goals of the project stakeholders:

-Scientific goals
-Promotion of UK plc and skill development in the UK.
Commercial parties
-Product development for resale.

Taking output from the Research Programme:

Commercial launch of specialised imaging software. Provided market research to identify launch and continuing marketing operations.
Set up new company to take project forward.

Developed and executed sales and marketing plans, targeting key sites. Provided sales presentations to senior customer personnel using inclusive techniques to meet requirements not only of technical users but also financial and senior management.

Worked alongside hardware systems providers to define added value sales propositions. (SMIS; SIMIS; Elscint).

Established and managed local country agents in Croatia, Czech republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy.

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