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What can an IT Service company focusing on Maritime provide now?

The commercial supply chain is totally dependent on marine transport for the international movement of goods. There is increasing concern that security of this channel could be compromised in a number of areas: Terrorist attack; movement of contraband goods; movement of illegal aliens; a route into countries for terrorists; a route to move materials which may be later used in terrorist activities. All of these concerns have resulted in an increase in legislation to enforce new controls.

There is also heightened awareness of the potential for environmental impact form maritime commercial activity where again there has been an increase in legislation and reporting requirements in an attempt to reduce illegal dumping of waste and improve effective response in to event of a maritime incident.

The legislative drivers are in place to increase the need for information management within the commercial maritime sector.

Is the only impact on the industry MORE COST?

The need to collect more information and make it available will drive all commercial operators to more rigorous approaches. There are two potential responses:

1. Do the least necessary and get rid of all this data as fast as possible.

2. Take the impetus of legislative imperative and use it to improve commercial operations.

White Raven has consulted widely in the industry and has identified where the information needed for legislation can be used internally and deliver commercial operational improvement.

In the future audit and accountability will only increase the only response can be to put in place systems which give control back to the commercial operation and allow the best to be demonstrably the best. Traditionally such systems have required significant investment making them outside of the reach of smaller operations. The Internet has changed that. Internet based application deployment allows advanced functionality to be available to smaller operators without the need to invest in oversized IT departments and the physical and electronic security of their business critical data.

White Raven can help you identify and deploy advanced IT solutions using the Internet to bring the economies of scale to the smaller operator.

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