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The Project Assurance Review

As technology advances and business systems become more complex ensuring that new developments deliver the commercial benefits that they promise becomes more and more important.

It is often tempting to focus on the cost within the project and manage delivery based on that as the main parameter. Whilst that should never be overlooked it is not only the cost of success that should be monitored it is essential that the cost of failure be constantly reviewed.

It is here that Project Assurance can deliver benefits to any organisation.

White Raven Associates can work with your staff to deliver better projects and assure your expected Business benefits.

At White Raven “ordinary is not enough” therefore we only use qualified Project Review Staff to deliver a Quality Service you can rely on.

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What is involved in Project Assurance?

The Original Business Case

What were the key benefits.
• How were these to be delivered.
• How was success to be measured.
• Where was acceptance placed within the organisation.
• What were the original Risks to the project.

The Project Brief

What were the main workpackages.
• Have effective issue management systems been put in place.
• Is Project management separated from project delivery.

How do we check if we are on track?

The Role of a Project Assurance review

Ensure that the main Project deliverables are clearly defined.
• Ensure that SMART criteria are used in acceptance of deliverables.
• Assessment of the Risk profile of the project.
• Undertake a Risk assessment of all the identified risks.
• Ensure that all risks have an appropriate owner.
• Ensure that Change Management is successfully implemented.

When should a review be undertaken?

Although it can deliver benefit at any time a number of occasions are particularly appropriate:

Project Start-up.
o To make sure that the fundamental structures are in place.

At Key Milestones on the Critical Path.
o Is the Project on track.
o Has there been specification “creep”

At Project Closure.
o Have all the expected deliverables been tested and accepted.
o Have outstanding issues these been documented.
o What has been learned during the course of the project
o Can be passed on to other teams?
o Is this documented and available?

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