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Legislation is being developed in many areas which places requirements on Ports and Port Authorities to monitor Vessels movements, Environmental impact and Security issues. This has come about at a time when Ports are facing increasing commercial pressures and growing volumes of traffic.

To balance these pressures there is information accumulating that through the use of Port Information Systems, Port Authorities can both meet legislative requirements and improve commercial management. This may be obtained through a range of operational improvements including, improved collection conservancy and pilotage fees, better berth management streamlined reporting of data where multiple legislative recipients are designated.

I hope you will find time to assist us with this survey on the current views within the Industry on the impact of these changes.

The composite results of the survey will be supplied to any respondent upon request, naturally all commercial and personal information will be kept confidential.

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Do you hold waste reports as designated under the Port Reception Facilities Directive
Do you use the Web Report developed by Associated British Ports.
Does your port have published environment management plan.
Does your port have published environment mangement plan
Are you aware of the EcoPorts project
Are you aware of the Vessel Movements reporting directive within the European Union.
Are you aware of the European SafeSeaNet project.
Do you have a requirement to submit data as part of SafeSeaNet or other EU reporting activities.
If you have a requirement, do you have a plan in place to report the required data.
Are you happy with your current ISPS security implementation
How many Vessels arrive at your port each year.
Does your port operate a Pilotage service for arriving vessels.
Does your Port make a conservancy charge for arriving vessels
Does your Port make a charge for the provision of Security Services mandated under ISPS.
Does your port operate a Port Information System
If yes is this connected to a VTS Radar system
If no have you considered developing or purchasing a Port Information System
Are you aware of the EU tracking Directive on Foodstuffs
Do you think it will impact you
Are you prepared for the Jan 1st 2005 implementation
Would you be willing to assist with a more detailed questionnaire.
Would you like to receive further information from White Raven Associates on Port Information and reporting.
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